Building Inspections & Zoning Departments

Building Inspections

The Building Inspections Department is responsible for review of plans and issuance of building permits for all residential and commercial buildings and remodeling projects within the city. The department conducts inspections of the construction projects to insure compliance with the 2018 International Building Codes and the 2020 NEC.

Zoning Department

The Zoning Department receives and processes rezoning requests for property located within the city limits of Jesup. Local zoning ordinances are enforced.

All rezoning requests are required to go before the Planning and Zoning Board. The Board will review and make a recommendation to City Council. Your request must be advertised 15 days prior to the City Council Meeting. There is a $300 application fee for this process. See a list of members of the Planning and Zoning Board online.

Building Codes

Building codes are enforced to protect the public by requiring the minimum safety standards and quality construction. The 2018 edition of the IBC, IRC, IPC, IMC and 2020 NEC have been adopted as the official building code of the City of Jesup. Handicap requirements are governed by ADA.


Permits are required before beginning construction and all inspections are done throughout the process from the start of the project to the final inspection. Prospective businesses and owners of existing businesses need to arrange for inspections to identify deficiencies which need to be corrected prior to their occupancy.

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